• Winter program

  • Unwanted Vegetation Taking Over? Invasive weeds are not only unsightly, but can lead to any number of problems, including unsightly appearances, unsanitary conditions, fire hazards and damage to hard surface areas. Protect your investment with Simon's Lawn Care - Winter program.

  • Concrete curbing

    The concrete curbing Program manages unwanted and nuisance vegetation and and around your landscape or commercial establishment. Simon's Lawn Care offers a season long program that allows our specialists to treat all hard surfaces at your property on your regularly scheduled lawn treatment or Simon's Lawn Care can do a single treatment. Weeds and grasses are a nuisance whose seeds sneak into cracks and crevices in hard surfaces and in fence lines or around buildings. Our treatments target the leafy tissues and kills the root system. Please note that new plants may grow back from seeds and roots if cracks in hard surfaces are not repaired, sanded and/or sealed properly.

    Concrete Curbing is one of the best ways to “keep your lawn where is belongs”. It is durable and needs virtually no maintenance. Let us show you a variety of examples and provide you with a custom curbing.