• Granular Bug Control

  • A granular barrier is placed around the house, soil and shrubbery areas to diminish the population of pests outside your home. We take down all reachable webs on the outside of your home, along with any reachable bee or wasp nests. A quick drying clear liquid is placed around your doors, windows, eves and any accessible areas that are open to the outside. This control closes off access points that would allow for easy entry into your home from invading pests, like ants.

    Quarterly Pest Control
    In addition to these services, we also offer an annual pest control plan with additional outside treatments every quarter thereafter. A one-year minimum agreement is required.

    Commercial Pest Control
    Every business has a different need for pest control. Simon's Lawn Care offers affordable prices for every business and provide exceptional customer service. We know that your business needs to run as smoothly as possible with little interruption. That is why we are also available for emergencies.